Southshore Bassmasters

 2017 Results - Champlain Ti

July 15-16, 2017
Allen Dominates Again

Air Temp:  80 Deg
Water Temp:  70 Deg 
Wind:  5-10 mph
Sun:  Overcast early / Bright Sun later

Winning Pattern
Soft plastics on shallow shoreline cover

Matt Allen took over first place in the 2017 AOY race with an impressive performance at the Lake Champlain 2-Day.  Despite a cold front and cool water temps that had most anglers just hoping to grind out five bites, Matt Allen worked shoreline cover from Ticonderoga to South Bay to bring 37.78 lb to the scales over two days.  That weight was enough to win the tournament by over 7 lb and to take over the top spot in the AOY race.  Allen also grabbed the number two spot on the All-Time 2-Day Limit list and was less than a pound shy of breaking his own record from last year of 38.28 lb over two days.  Congratulations to Matt Allen for another impressive victory!

Landing in second place with a solid 29.81 lb was Bill Barrett.  Bill started out slowly, weighing 11.41 lb on Day 1 but he finished strong with 18.40 lb on Day 2, which was the biggest bag of the day.  His Day 2 bag also included some monster Smallmouth caught late on Day 2 that allowed him to cull up to his second place weight.  Great job Bill!

Mark Mandracchia gets the consistency award for the tournament, as he landed 14.69 on Day 1 and 14.47 on Day 2 to land in third place with 29.16 lb overall.  And, had he not lost a true giant early on Day 2, he might have challenged Bill Barrett for second place.  Congrats to Mark for a very solid performance.

Jim D'Ambra Carolina-Rigged his way to 25.25 lb to round out the top four.  Despite a slow start on Day 1, Jim found a special spot on Day 2 and caught Smallies almost every cast for over an hour.  He was able to cull through the smaller fish to finish off with his final fourth place total.  Way to go Jimmy!

Congratulations to the top four and to all the anglers who battled the Big Lake at the annual SSBM 2-Day.
 Full Results
Angler Fish Big Weight Points
1 Matt Allen 10 5.04 37.78 50
2 Bill Barrett 10 29.81 48
3 Mandracchia 10 4.06 29.16 47
4 Jim D'Ambra 10 4.02 25.25 46
5 Mike Elson 10 19.16 45
6 Bob Wells 10 4.77 18.85 44
7 B.Wheeler 7 9.88 43
8 B.Tuholski 4 7.55 42
9 Ken Wood 5 6.36 41
10 Rob Bell 3 4.67 40
11 W.Balchunas 1 1.61 39
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