Southshore Bassmasters

 2017 Results - Charles River

Sept 17, 2017
Charles River Waltham

Air Temp:  72
Water Temp:  72
Wind:  Calm
Sun:  Partly Cloudy to Sunny

Winning Pattern
Bladed jigs ripped through grass and soft plastics on isolated cover

Many tournaments are won with a quick flurry of good fish in the morning or just before weigh in, but Ken Wood dominated the Charles River with steady catches throughout the day to slowly cull up to his winning weight of 12.53 lb.  In his own words, he didn't exactly "light it up" but he had confidence in his patterns and stuck with them despite a slow bite.  Ripping a bladed jig through shallow grass was Wood's most effective presentation, but he also added some quality fish by hitting more isolated cover with soft plastics.  His confidence to stick to his plan was the difference maker that put him more than two pounds ahead of the nearest competitor and earned him his first club victory.  Congratulations to Ken Wood for a great performance and a dominant victory.

Bill Barrett continued his incredible season with another strong performance, landing 10.03 lb to grab second place.  More importantly, Barrett earned enough points to put him in a tie with Matt Allen for first place in the AOY race.  A solid performance at Mashpee next month could be all it takes to crown Bill Barrett as the 2017 Angler of the Year.

Bob Wheeler also turned in a solid performance with a 9.38 lb bag that was good for third place.  Rob Bell landed 9.38 lb to lock up fourth place (based on a big fish tie breaker with Bob Wheeler) while Jim D'Ambra rounded out the top five with 8.64 lb.  Congratulations to the top five and to all the SSBM club members who battled the Bass of the mighty Charles River.
 Full Results
Angler Fish Big Weight Points
1 Ken Wood 5 3.20 12.53 50
2 Bill Barrett 5 3.73 10.03 48
3 Rob Wheeler 5 2.00 9.38 47
4 Rob Bell 5 9.38 46
5 Jim D'Ambra 5 3.61 8.64 45
6 Chris Finnie 5 3.0 6.93 44
7 Dan Marini 5 6.07 43
8 B.Tuholski 5 6.00 42
9 W.Balcuhnas 4 5.57 41
10 R.Almeida 5 4.44 40
11 Mike Elson 2 2.26 39
12 Dave Doyle 0 0.00 7
13 Bob Wells 0 0.00 7
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