Southshore Bassmasters

 2017 Results - John's Pond

June 23, 2017
John's Pond

Air Temp:  75
Water Temp:  70
Wind:  10-15 SSW
Sun:  Overcast morning, Sunny afternoon

Winning Pattern
Docks, weeds, beds
Matt Allen resumed his winning ways with another dominant performance at John's Pond.  Despite what Allen described as a "tough dock bite," he was able to use his superior casting skills and his years of experience at John's Pond to grind out a solid 15.50 lb bag.  And that was more than enough to bring home the victory by almost 3 lbs. Congratulations to Matt Allen for another great victory and for getting his season back on track as he seeks a record sixth straight AOY title.

Bob Wheeler also got his season rolling at John's by landing 12.76 lb which was good for second place.  Bob credited his strong performance to his "never give up" attitude, as he only had about 10 lb in the livewell at 2:30 pm.  But, just before weigh-in, Bob landed his biggest fish of the day to cull up to his final weight.  Congratulations to Bob Wheeler for a strong second place finish.  Chris Finnie, fishing as a non-boater, loaded the boat with 12.47 lb including the tourney lunker at 5.94 lb.  His bag was good for third place and his big fish has a definite shot at season lunker.  Not a bad day from the back of the boat!  Bill Barrett turned in a solid performance as well, bagging 12.23 lb which was good for fourth place. Jim D'Ambra rounded out the top five with 11.74 lb, maintaining his lead in the 2017 AOY race.  Congratulations to the top five and to all of the club members who battled it out at John's Pond.       
 Full Results
Angler Fish Big Weight Points
1 Matt Allen 5 4.87 15.50 50
2 Bob Wheeler 5 4.10 12.76 48
3 Chris Finnie 5 5.94 12.47 47
4 Bill Barrett 5 3.20S 12.23 46
5 Jim D'Ambra 5 11.74 45
6 Ken Wood 5 10.01 44
7 B.Tuholski 5 3.49 8.57 43
8 Brian Ware 5 8.57 42
9 W.Balchunas 5 8.46 41
10 Bob Wells 5 7.72 40
11 Rob Bell 5 6.21 39
12 Ted Cazeault 3 5.63 38
13 Mike Elson 3 3.92 37
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